Camper Vans Are Great For Autumn Leaf Change Tours

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As I feel those first cool rainy days and see the first hint of leaves changing color it makes me want to hit the road on a weekend “leaf peeper” expedition through eastern Pennsylvania and New York State. Even though I cannot make it happen this year, I have it all planned out in my mind.

So this is my plan for my Autumn Foilage Fantasy Weekend. I will take delivery of my newly converted camper van to make my trip fun and comfortable. Before hitting the road, I do a little research for great places to view the best leaf changes as well as places where I can park in paradise.

One of the sites I recommend for finding free places to set up camp is They have a great interactive map with great info such as amenities like hiking and biking and also tell you whether you need a permit or permission. Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea what it looks like:

In my plan, we head out from Erie and make our way through New York, there are some beautiful spots in Northeast Pennsylvania where the leaves will be changing as we drive towards the numerous State Parks in New York State. Our little detour a bit south through the Allegheny National Forest will be well worth it, even though the leaves were just beginning to change color at this time of year it will still be beautiful.

We will into New York via I-86 and drive through Coyle Hill, Palmer’s Pond, and Turnpike State Forests, with frequent stops. Palmer’s Pond is very laid back with lots of places to park and activities like hiking, biking, and watching local wildlife. When we hit I-390 we head south for a bit and go into the Sugar Hill State Forest which is part of the Six Nations Trail System. This is a really cool area I have visited before, with fresh drinking water and even has horse trails if you are into horseback riding. We will get some great photos here in a short period of time. I made a coffee table book from the photos of my last trip.

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To finish up our trip we will spend some time in one of the bigger parks so we will head north of Schenectady to Adirondack National Park where there are not only plenty of camping areas available but lots to do. There are a wide number of spots to choose from within the park offering activities such as hunting, fishing, rock climbing, horseback riding and more. While our main purpose of this road trip is checking out the fall colors, we are always up for some rock climbing.

Hopefully sharing this small little part of our trip planning along with the info will encourage you to plan some trips of your own.

If you are interested in getting a camper van of your own I would suggest reading some of the reviews on Off Grid Adventure Vans at: Google Reviews then give them a call at 888-801-7456 or send an email to and someone will get back to you right away to answer your questions.

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