Off Grid Adventure Vans


Custom Conversions

Conversion builds using other vehicle chassis such as the Mercedes Sprinter and others are considered custom.  

If you are looking for a layout unlike our standard packages or are interested in more options and upgrades that are not part of our upgrades list, your build is considered custom.

Our Custom Conversion Process

Step 1: Decide if you are ready to have us convert a van for you! We recommend to make this decision at least 6-9 months before you want to start your adventure.

Step 2: Submit a Custom Build Application. The application link can be found below:

Step 3: Estimate the build cost by talking to an OGA team member

  • Typically, custom layouts will cost more than the standard layouts ( at least $5,000-$10,000) and take longer (additional 60-90 days).

Step 4: Work with OGA’s design team on your custom layout with the signing of our Custom Design Agreement and $250-$500 design deposit.

Step 5: Secure an Initial Start Date by executing an Initial Build Agreement and paying the $2,000-$2,250 non-refundable deposit.

  • Initial Build Agreement will provide an approximate Initial Start Date and payment schedule for customers that are not financing their conversion.  If interested, request our model Initial Build Agreement from OGA’s Sales Department.

Step 6: If you don’t already have a van, secure one.

  • OGA’s professionals can assist customers to find a van but customers are responsible for making the necessary arrangements to purchase and arrange for delivery to OGA. Customers must obtain a van consistent with their anticipated build.

Step 7: Secure your Start Date.

  • Start Dates can be changed so long as there are more than 100 days remaining before the Initial Start Date. OGA cannot accommodate changes in Start Date if less than 100 days since OGA reserves it’s shop space and staff for specific builds; changes can be very disruptive to OGA’s operation and its competitive price structure.  

Step 8: Finalize your build and pricing so they can be incorporated into your Final Build Agreement, which needs to be executed no less than 45 days prior to the Final Start Date.

  • Note: Customer risks losing their Start Date if the Final Build Agreement has not been executed and the van is not at OGA’s facility at least 30 days prior to the Start Date. If you are not financing through a dealership, first payment (35%) will be due at drop off.

Step 9: Send us proof of insurance and registration.

Step 10: Deliver the van to OGA’s Frederick facility at least 30 days prior to the Final Start Date.

Step 11: We build your Off Grid Adventure Van! Build times vary depending on your custom layout.

Step 12: You come pick up your van and we show you all the ins and outs of your new adventure van. We recommend you spend two or three nights in the area to ensure that we can answer any questions you may encounter.