Off Grid Adventure Vans


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Process:

Do you convert other vans?

  • Although our standard van packages are built in the Ram ProMaster 159” and 159” extended, we are open to building custom builds in any vehicle chassis you are interested in.

What is the average turnaround time?

  • Average turnaround time for a standard build ranges from 2 ½- 3 months. Custom builds depend on specifics.

Do you have a showroom?

  • We do not have a formal showroom, but we are always available to set up shop walkthroughs by appointment at our Frederick location. You will be able to walk through our shop and check out all the builds we have in process and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have about our vans or vanlife!

Do you have completed conversion vans ready for purchase?

  • We have vans that can be ready once final customization is determined. If you are interested, please shoot us an email at

How soon can I get into your production line?

  • We have spots in our production line for both our standard van conversions and custom builds. If you are interested in getting a conversion from our company, please contact us and see how soon we can get you in!

Do you offer financing?

  • OGA has made arrangements with a few automotive dealers to finance a van conversion cost when combined with a new vehicle purchase price. Financing for the conversion only through OGAVans is currently not available.

Questions about our Product:

How tall is the interior ceiling in a converted van?

  • After the conversion is completed, the floor to ceiling space is a comfortable 6 feet.

How tall is the van?

  • A standard high roof Ram ProMaster stands at about 8.5ft tall. Once additions such as solar panels, a roof rack, or AC are installed, total height is closer to 9.6- 9.8ft tall.

Do you sell vans?

  • Off Grid Adventure Vans is a conversion company only. We do not sell vans nor do our prices or packages come with the van included. If interested, we will help find the right van in the right time frame for your build with the help of our partnered local dealerships.

What is the gas mileage?

  • Gas mileage is about 18 MPG with the roof rack and solar panels installed.

Do you offer a build that fits more than 1-2 people?

  • Although our standard builds best suit traveling and sleeping 1-2 people, we can have a row of DOT certified seats installed in a custom build. We recommend customers that are interested in taking this route to look at extended model vans, as some deductions might need to be made in the living space.

What can be powered by 1 solar panel and 100 AH battery?

  • If your solar panel gets good sun, it can bring in an additional 7A/Hr.

  • Here is a quick breakdown of some of the items that draw power and their typical usage in A/Hr: