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Our vans are designed for travelers, digital nomads, and adventurers alike. Our team is made up of skilled designers, carpenters, and electricians who appreciate and enjoy van living.
We have combined our experiences and our ideas to make the most efficient, functional and affordable camper van for your adventurous life. We are committed to promoting sustainable building and living practices, so we take the time to use locally harvested wood, solar power, and composting toilets.


Off Grid Adventure Vans

Our mission at OGAVans is to produce the most affordable, turnkey camper vans on the market.


Our Facility 

Off Grid Adventure Vans
18860 Woodfield Rd Unit J. Gaithersburg, MD 20879

 Strictly open by appointment only

A new company that aims to produce a more environmentally sustainable, budget-conscious van.
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Beautiful Wood Interiors


Affordable Interior Upgrades


Green Energy Options


Off Grid Capabilities

The company specializes in conversions of the Ram ProMaster that cost on average $20,000 less than similar builds.
The conversion looks well-thought out and well-appointed too.
— The Adventure Journal
Van life, solar power, open-road adventure and sustainable wood...what more could a fun-seeking millennial want?
— New Atlas


We strictly use composting toilets to reduce water waste and prevent the use of heavy sanitation chemicals. 


All of the wood in our vans is harvested from stable local forests


Our vans come standard with 100w of solar power on the roof so you can live comfortably with minimal use of fossil fuels.

Best For Long Hauls Editor’s Pick:
Thanks to the Off Grid Adventure Van’s solar panels, Murphy bed, and full bath, trips are sustainable and comfy.
— Country Living Magazine

Social Media

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Customer Review:

"After retiring from the military, taking time to relax, reset and re-balance has been a significant part of my life. Traveling in the van has been the right medicine to do just that. With a wife and two dogs, there’s not many places we can’t go, and a whole lot of places still to see. Thank you OGA vans for our freedom vessel. Life is truly better off grid!”

-Cody Alford


Customer Review:

I am so incredibly thankful to OGAVans for helping me make my vanlife dreams a reality. Check out the beginning of my journey trading in my cubicle for wide open spaces!

-Lauren Ettinger