Indoor Shower $4,500

Cabinetry Changes (varies)

Flooring Upgrades (varies)

Cabinet Spray $3,200

Cushions $600

Mattress (varies)

Sheets (varies)

Back Window MCD Shades $350

Driver/Passenger Seat Swivel

Overhead Cabinet Lighting

Microwave Cabinet Lighting

Knife Rack $45

TV Mount and Cables $570

Dual Zone LED Lighting $135

Sink Countertop Flip-Up Extension $265


Fully enclosed wet bath

Any customizations to the cabinetry

Vinyl flooring options including functional sheet or plank vinyls. All waterproof.

Various stained, spray painted, or lacquered finishes are available

Depending on fabric: economical standard is a cotton duck

Custom memory foam mattress to fit your bed

Bed sheets

MCD shades provide a blackout option to any rear or side windows. They also have a dual shade option, which allows an additional layer of mesh fabric to limit the amount of sunlight

Raises seat height by an additional 1.75” ($475 each)

This allows for better lighting into the cabinets when searching for your things.

Enhances lighting within front cabinet/pantry. 

Magnetic Knife Rack Mounted in Kitchen Area

Allows for TV to pivot and expand into different viewing positions using an articulating arm

This gives you the ability to light up the bedroom area and front kitchen area separately.

Extra counter space which simply flips up from the side of the kitchen area when needed.


Fan Upgrade $150

Second Fan Install $675

Air Conditioning Unit $2,000

Webasto Air Heater $2,850

Automatic Altitude Adjusted Webasto Heater $3,750

Hot Water System $1,050

Induction Cook Top $275

Microwave $225

Electric Gray Water Tank Release $590

Composting Toilet $960


Upgrade allows the fan to stay up 24/7 without concern for water leakage.

Assists with overall airflow and exhaust.

Gives you on demand AC.

This thermostat regulated heater keeps your van at the right temperature with minimal fuel use.

This higher-powered Webasto heater will automatically adjust itself to operate in high altitudes. We recommend this upgrade for travel in altitudes above ~4500ft.

System that draws hot coolant from the engine while running, to provide hot water for your shower.

Replaces the standard propane cooktop

Microwave can be installed in the front cabinet to be used off battery power or shore power.

Allows you to empty the grey water tank with the touch of a button, no climbing under the van. 

Nature's head composting toilet with spider handle and exhaust.


Inverter Upgrade $880

Upgraded Alternator Charger $750

Lithium Upgrade $3,200

Bluetooth Battery Monitor System $375

External Battery Mount $600

Battery Heater $200

Extra 100w Solar Panel $350

Upgraded Solar Controller $225


The standard van inverter converts your solar and battery power into 120v AC power, which alone is not powerful enough to run an air conditioner or other high usage appliance. We offer an upgraded inverter that supports 2000 watts for operating all appliances with enough stored power in the battery.

Increased power from the van's running engine to batteries and electrical system, with a minimum constant of 20 amps and a maximum of 70 amps. This will charge up your batteries quicker when the engine is running.

This premium battery package includes 3 x 100amp lithium batteries totaling 300AH’s and has other major advantages. Lithium batteries can be depleted to ~0%, so you actually have 400AH’s of usable energy. They are also rechargeable for between 2000 & 4000 cycles, whereas the stock AGM battery has only 500-1000 recharges available before requiring replacement. Investing in a lithium upgrade will quadruple the lifespan of the van battery. We can add additional lithium batteries to your system; each one will be 100AH, ($1,100 each additional)

Allows you to view your remaining power, output, and input, and usage of power from your phone

This moves the battery from inside the van to a mount underneath the van giving you more interior space. If more than 3 batteries are wanted an additional $250 is added.

Improves usability and efficiency in cold temperatures.

Additional solar power is added in single 100w units. 

Needed for four or more panels


Cell Booster $825

Wifi Booster $900

Dash Cam $500

Remote Start $450-800

Security System $300-650


A cellular booster can be installed on the van. This will take the cell signal in your surrounding area, boost it by up to 32x, and rebroadcast that signal in and around your van to give you service in areas that otherwise wouldn't have it. This is highly recommended if you like having an internet connection in the wilderness. This upgrade works with all major carriers.

An internal wifi network can be created for the van. This will be attached to an antenna mounted on the exterior of your van, and will allow you to pull in free wifi from outside sources (Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, RV parks, etc) to use your laptop and phone inside the vehicle. This often extends your WiFi range from ~150 ft to up to 2.5 Miles

OGA can pre-install a dash camera to record all activity in front of the vehicle while it is turned on. This can help protect you in the event of accidents and insurance fraud, as well as documenting your road trips! All cameras record in 1080p HD

A control module is installed into your vehicle, which allows you to remotely start your vehicle with the push of a button.

Additional security system that will monitor door locks, windows, and comes with a shock system and alarm.


Exterior Gray Water Tank Heater $250

Roof Rack $1,350

Rear Access Ladder $590

50” Flood Light Bar $750

Standard $1,000 or Power $2,200 Running Boards

Outside Shower $420

Manual Awning $1,600

Back Vented Windows $1,650

Sliding Door Vented Window $1,000

Rear Side Vented Window $1,350


Helps to maintain usability and efficiency in sub-freezing temperatures. 

This galvanized steel roof rack provides the ability to store surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards and other large cargo.  Solar panels can be mounted so that they are removable if more roof space is needed. 

The rear mounted access ladder provides easy access to the van's roof.

A light bar can be mounted in front of the roof rack to illuminate the front of your vehicle at night. 

Provides easier exit from and entrance to the van's side door. Power retracts back.

A pressurized sprayer can be installed for cleaning off bikes, surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards, dogs or yourself! This upgrade lets you clean anything that needs it before it goes into your van.

A manual (with support legs) controlled awning can be installed to provide shade whenever you need it.

Custom back windows with a ventilating screen section.

Custom sliding door window with ventilating screen section.

Custom window on rear side of van with ventilating screen section.