About Off Grid

Company Biography:

Off Grid Adventure Vans is a Maryland based van conversion company founded by Aaron Fensterheim in 2017.
We encourage you to choose Off Grid if you are looking for a natural feel, simple layout, and manageable adventure van.

Our Mission:

Off Grid Adventure Vans aims to produce a more environmentally sustainable, budget-conscious van.

Green Practices:

Off Grid Adventure Vans is committed to promoting sustainable building and living practices. All of the wood in our vans is harvested from stable local forests and processed by a Mennonite mill just an hour away from our manufacturing facility. Our vans come standard with 110w of solar power on the roof so you can live comfortably with minimal use of fossil fuels.

We have developed a relationship with Nature's Head, one of the leading  manufacturers of composting toilets. We strictly use composting toilets to reduce water waste and prevent the use of heavy sanitation chemicals.


Our Team


The Off Grid Team

Our team is made up of skilled designers, carpenters and electricians who appreciate vanlife.