Our Process

Off Grid Adventure Vans is a conversion company only. We do not sell vans nor do our prices or packages come with the van included. If interested, we will help find the right van in the right time frame for your build with the help of our partnered local dealerships.

How To Buy:

Step 1: Let’s Talk!

If you’re ready to have us convert a new van for you, or to have us upgrade or up-fit one you already own, talk to us about what you want!

Step 2: Wait List

Get on our wait list! Wait list spots are secured through a refundable deposit and an agreement.

Step 3: schedule an appointment

About four months before your slot becomes available, we will contact you to discuss a final quote. We recommend the best options to get you on the road to where you want to be.

Step 4: Secure your spot

With the signing of a conversion agreement and a down payment, we secure your spot in our production line!

Step 5: buy a van

You buy a base van through one of our dealers or on your own. We advise people to start shopping for their base van a couple of months before the start date.

  • If you secure financing from one of our dealers, no further payment from you is needed. They pay us.

  • If you buy the base van on your own, or if you’re bringing us a van to up-fit, we need 35% of the conversion price upon delivery of the van to our shop. Then, on or before the projected start date, we need another 35% of the price. Finally, three weeks prior to pickup, we need the remainder.

  • Regardless, we need the van on site 30 days before the scheduled start date

Step 6: let’s build it

We build your Off Grid Adventure Van! Build times vary, but average production time is around three to four months.

Step 7: pick up

You come pick up your van and we show you all the ins and outs of your new adventure van. We recommend you spend two or three nights in the area to ensure that we can troubleshoot or answer any questions you may encounter.