Off Grid Articles


Please note: All van conversion prices are subject to change due to increases such as tariffs or outside vendor increases. Conversion costs, vehicle prices, and upgrades may have changed since the publication of these articles.


CURBED, 2018:

“Two factors make fancy adventure vans out of reach for some people: price and the fact that most conversion companies are located in the West. Based out of Maryland, Off Grid Adventure Vans is hoping to fill these gaps.”


CURBED, 2018:

“Off Grid Adventure Vans is a new conversion van company that aims to produce a more environmentally sustainable, budget-conscious van, and these vans are much cheaper than most conversion van companies.”

truckssnip.PNG, 2018:

“The company specializes in conversions of the Ram ProMaster that cost on average $20,000 less than similar builds.”


The Wayward Home, 2018:

“These Dodge camper vans are constructed by a team of experienced outdoor enthusiasts who are carpenters, electricians and designers.”


Seattle PI, 2018:

“Off Grid Adventure Vans is located near Washington, DC, and is committed to creating a budget-friendly Dodge Promaster camper van that's also good to the environment.”


Adventure Journal, 2018:

“The conversion looks well-thought out and well-appointed too.”


New Atlas, 2018:

“Van life, solar power, open-road adventure and sustainable wood ... what more could a fun-seeking millennial want?”