Customer Reviews

We love our customers and are excited to be part of their journeys! Here is a peak into some of our fellow adventurers and what they have to say:


Cody Alford

"After retiring from the military, taking time to relax, reset and re-balance has been a significant part of my life. Traveling in the van has been the right medicine to do just that. With a wife and two dogs, there’s not many places we can’t go, and a whole lot of places still to see. Thank you OGA vans for our freedom vessel. Life is truly better off grid!”


Lauren Ettinger

I am so incredibly thankful to OGAVans for helping me make my vanlife dreams a reality. Check out the beginning of my journey trading in my cubicle for wide open spaces!


Starr and Jenn

Our journey sparked when we could not decide where to live next once our lease was up. We toyed with the idea of tiny house living, but it still had the stipulation of permanency when you consider a specific location as home base. After extensive research, we decided to pursue van life. 

This lifestyle is prevalent in the Midwest and on the west coast, which is where we saw a lot of builders, so you cannot imagine how elated we were to find OGA Vans in MARYLAND!!

We contacted them immediately and set up an appointment, but we were so excited and they were so close that we just showed up at their location ahead of time. We were greeted by Mike who was shocked we were there, but also extremely welcoming. He took us around the shop, answered our questions, and introduced us to Aaron who is the owner. We told them of our interest, but they had a waiting list so we did the necessary paper to be next in line.That was in August 2018 so our build would not begin until February 2019.

We considered what to do in those months before delivery since our lease was up in January. We didn't have to consider too long because the guys at OGA thought of us when they had a customer drop from the waiting list. They asked if we were able to jump into the October slot or if we wanted to wait until February. They even gave us a few days to think it over. We ultimately decided to go for it and it was a GREAT decision.

They assisted us through every step of the way, even provided window stickers for potential van options. We sat with Aaron and Bruce to design our home, we worked with Miss Susan to pick the cushion designs we wanted, and when we had odd requests regarding lighting, movable work space, and a "home" for our Vitamix, Ryan and Johnny took our words and made them tangible.

Those who have been in this journey a long time or who are just beginning, as we are, can probably agree that it embodies a sense of community. That is how we feel about the team at OGA Vans. They are like family to us, probably by default with all the consults and emails we have had throughout the past six months.

When we needed some customized adjustments to our home Stefani told us that we could telework from their location while we waited. When we arrived, she had cleared off desk space and provided chairs and surge protector for our use. She even had an entire room for our dog Budha to hang out in and explore.

We are so blessed to have found them. Not only have they helped transform our dreams into reality with high quality craftsmanship, they go above and beyond to be  sure we are safe and comfortable.

We have talked about getting another van down the road and even if we are no longer based on the East Coast we look forward to working with them again.