Interior Van Upgrades

(note: pricing for custom conversions may vary)

Flooring Options ($350 - $900)
There are numerous vinyl flooring options including beautiful, functional sheet or plank vinyls. All are waterproof. Vinyl flooring has the advantage of adding about 1/2” of standing height inside the van.

Cabinet Finishes (approx. $3200)
Various stained, spray painted, or lacquered finishes are available.

Microwave ( $225)
There can be a microwave installed in the front cabinet to be used off battery power or shore power.

Cushions for Rear Bench ( $600)
Cushion prices will vary depending on your fabric choice. The economical standard is a cotton duck. We recommend a Sunbrella or similar indoor/outdoor fabric for durability and water resistance. 

MCD Window Shades ($350)
MCD shades provide a blackout option to any rear or side windows. They also have a dual shade option, which allows an additional layer of mesh fabric to limit the amount of sunlight coming into the van.

Driver and Passenger Seat Swivel ($475/each)
Note: Seat swivels raise the seat height by an additional 1.75”

Composting Toilet ($960)
Nature's head composting toilet with spider handle, which vents to the Mushroom vent on the van's roof.

Induction Cooktop ($275)
This replaces the standard propane cooktop

Exterior Grey Water Tank Heater ($250)
Helps to maintain usability and efficiency in sub-freezing temperatures. 

Lighting in Overhead Cabinets ($240)
This allows for better lighting into the cabinets when searching for your things.

Lighting in Microwave Cabinet ($125)
Enhances lighting within front cabinet/pantry. 

Knife Rack ($45)
Magnetic Knife Rack Mounted in Kitchen Area


Fan Upgrades

Rear fan upgrade ($150)
The rear fan can be upgraded to a model which can run in the rain. The standard rear fan provided has a rain sensor which will close if it senses rain; this fan upgrade allows the fan to stay up 24/7 without concern for water leakage.  

2nd roof vent ($675)
A 2nd roof vent  can be added near the kitchen to assist with overall airflow and exhaust. Additionally, it can help prevent condensation and moisture from accumulating in the van

Air conditioning unit ($2000)
*If rear air conditioning unit is requested there can only be 1 roof vent in the van. Please note that the air conditioner is not designed to run off of battery power, and will only run when plugged into the grid or an installed generator


Heating Upgrades

Air heater ($2850)
The Webasto Airtop heater pulls gas directly from the gas tank to heat the living area of the van, which is a great option for cold weather traveling. It allows the van to maintain a comfortable, even temperature in any cooler weather climate. We strongly recommend this unique heater instead of a propane tank heater, as it produces less moisture and eliminates the need for a large propane tank in the van.

Automatic altitude adjustment heater ($3750)
 This higher-powered Webasto heater will automatically adjust itself to operate in high altitudes without putting additional strain on the unit. We recommend this upgrade for travel in altitudes above ~4500ft.

Hot water upgrade ($1050)
Our hot water upgrade for the shower is a system that runs off of your vehicle’s engine. It draws hot coolant from the engine and uses it to heat an exchanger, which in turn provides hot water for your shower. Your engine must be running to operate this system


Electrical Upgrades

Inverter upgrade ($880)
The standard van inverter converts your solar and battery power into 120v AC power, which alone is not powerful enough to run an air conditioner or other high usage appliance. We offer an upgraded inverter that supports 2000 watts for operating all appliances with enough stored power in the battery.

Upgraded alternator charger option ($750)
The upgraded alternator charging option allows increased power to flow from the van's running engine to the batteries and electrical system, with a minimum constant of 20 amps and a maximum of 70 amps.

Extra 100w Solar ($350)
Additional solar power is added in 100w units. 

Dual Zone Dimmable Lighting ($135)
This splits your van lighting into two separate zones (front and back) so you have ultimate control over what areas are being lit. 


Battery Upgrades

Lithium battery upgrade ($3200)
This premium battery package includes 3 x 100amp lithium batteries totaling 300AH’s and has other major advantages. Lithium batteries can be depleted to ~0%, so you actually have 400AH’s of usable energy. They are also rechargeable for between 2000 & 4000 cycles, whereas the stock AGM battery has only 500-1000 recharges available before requiring replacement. Investing in a lithium upgrade will quadruple the lifespan of the van battery.

Additional lithium Batteries ($1100)
We can add additional lithium batteries to your system; each one will be 100AH.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor System ($375)
This allows you to view your remaining power, output, and input, and usage of power all from your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

External Battery Mount for up to 3 batteries ($600)
This moves the battery from inside the van to a mount underneath the van giving you more interior space. If more than 3 batteries are wanted an additional $250 is added.


Entertainment Van Upgrades

TV mount and cables ( $570)
An articulating arm and cables can be pre-installed to allow the future installation of a flat screen TV. This package includes the added structure needed to support up to a 20lb screen, as well as providing a power supply and HDMI cables from the TV to your desired location.

Cell Booster upgrade ($825)
A cellular booster can be installed on the van. This will take the cell signal in your surrounding area, boost it by up to 32x, and rebroadcast that signal in and around your van to give you service in areas that otherwise wouldn't have it. This is highly recommended if you like having an internet connection in the wilderness. This upgrade works with all major carriers.

Wifi Booster ($925)
An internal wifi network can be created for the van. This will be attached to an antenna mounted on the exterior of your van, and will allow you to pull in free wifi from outside sources (Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, RV parks, etc) to use your laptop and phone inside the vehicle. This often extends your WiFi range from ~150 ft to up to 2.5 Miles

Recording Dash Cam  ($500)
OGA can pre-install a dash camera to record all activity in front of the vehicle while it is turned on. This can help protect you in the event of accidents and insurance fraud, as well as documenting your road trips! All cameras record in 1080p HD


External Van Upgrades

Steel Roof Rack ( $1350)
This galvanized steel roof rack provides the ability to store surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards and other large cargo.  Solar panels can be mounted so that they are removable if more roof space is needed. 

Rear mounted access ladder ($590)
The rear mounted access ladder provides easy access to the van's roof.

Running boards ($1000) or Power Folding ($2200)
The floor of the van is about 16 inches off the ground. A running board can be installed along the side of the van for easier exit from and entrance to the van's side door. A single small step (hoop step) or a full length running board are available. Power folding allows for a larger step which retracts when doors are closed. 

Rear water sprayer/ outside shower ($420)
A pressurized sprayer can be installed for cleaning off bikes, surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards, dogs or yourself! This upgrade lets you clean anything that needs it before it goes into your van.

Electric Grey Water Tank Release ($590)
This allows you to empty the grey water tank with the touch of a button rather than climbing under the van. 

Insulation window reflector  ($135)
The window reflector is a three part unit that covers your windshield and driver/passenger windows. Reflectors are heavily insulated to keep the sun/heat out in the summer and keep warm air in during the winter.

50” flood LED light bar ($750)
A light bar can be mounted in front of the roof rack to illuminate the front of your vehicle at night. 

Passenger side awning ($1600 - $2300)
An automatic ($2300) or manual ($1600) awning can be installed to provide shade all day long.

Back Vented Windows ($1650)
Custom back windows with a ventilating screen section. 

Sliding Door Vented Window ($1000)
Custom sliding door window with ventilating screen section. 

Rear Side Vented Window ($1350)
Custom window on rear side of van with ventilating screen section.