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OGA SPECIAL – Only One Completed Camper Van Vehicle Available At the Discounted Price of $68,000

Off Grid Adventure Vans is selling a new 2018  RAM Promaster 2500 (Color -  Silver) with OGA Rambler layout at a discounted price of $68,000 (prior to taxes).  Given that work has already begun on the vehicle, there is a limited opportunity to incorporate additional upgrades. The following upgrades will already be included.

This van seats and sleeps 1-2 passengers

Solid Walnut flooring

Passenger swivel

Dual zone LED lighting

Sink Countertop Flip-up Extension


Insulation Windshield Reflector

Composting Toilet

Two lithium batteries

Bluetooth Battery Monitor System

The vehicle will be ready for delivery by mid December.

The vehicle will be sold to the first Customer that provides a $5,000 non-refundable deposit and a contract to purchase the vehicle in full within 30 days following the deposit.

Anyone seriously interested in this vehicle, should notify OGA immediately.